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Photo Gallery and Guest Comments

The Gardener's House at Frog Holler, The Lilly Pad and
The Hummingbird Cottage

(These pics are from 2006 before many improvements--For Many More Recent Photos, Please Visit:
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Bedroom One
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Bedroom Two
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Bedrooms Three & Four
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Living Room
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The Library & Loft
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The Gardens & Grounds
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Weddings at the Holler
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May 12, 2015:  Thank you, Robyn, for upkeeping such an inviting place for us to hold our wedding! The house has such a warm feeling of home and, thanks to all the utensils, it made our preparations so smooth.  We look forward to returning on our first anniversary!  Thanks again!  Cory and Amanda Plott, Waynesville, NC
April 2015 : Dear Robyn, Thank you for sharing The Gardener's House with us.  The peace and serenity that surrounds this place was exactly what we neded at this time in our lives.  Frog Holler is definitely a place of healing and restoration.  God has blessed you mightily as a hostess with such gifts.  Sincerely, Dorothy and Weir, Kissimmee, FL
September 23, 2012: Robyn, We had a great time! You will be seeing us again. We can't wait to come back! Our children loved this place, the chickens and the gardens. Thank you for opening up your wonderful home and gardens. We all went to Rose Creek Mine and found rubies! What an awesome place, all five of us walked out with three bags of different rocks. The school bag was only $3 and was full of green gems. It kept both our 5 year olds busy for 2 hours. The Kiran Family, Charleston, SC

August, 2012: Robyn, What a wonderful, relaxing time. Your place is beautiful. Could have sat and watched the Koi for hours had it not been raining! We will spread the word about this fantastic, natural spot! Sincerely, The Youngs

July 31, 2012: Tracy and I have enjoyed our stay at your farm. This place is so beautiful and relaxing. Thank you so much for making our stay enjoyable. Sincerely, The Martins Houston, TX

July 4th Week: Thank you, Robyn, for another fantastic VRBO experience for our family. Your home is beautiful and a great location to all the Smoky Mountains has to offer! The Albus Family, Ft. Knox, KY

June, 2012 Robyn, This is the most wonderful place. I have enjoyed my stay more than you will ever know. It's beauty, peace are heavenly. You are a pleasure to talk with and I hope to come again one day. Thank you for your hospitality. Linda Kay S. Gaffney, SC (see you on Facebook)

June, 2012 Robyn, You are a spcial young lady. We have enjoyed every minute of our visit. Everything about your place is so lovely, the house, the flowers. My health is not good, but you and your beautiful place have made me feel better. May God bless you in everything you do. I really have enjoyed talking with you and spending time at your beautiful home. I hope some day we will get to come again. Peggy A. Gaffney, SC

June, 2012 Robyn, I am in awe of the Beauty and Serenity of your wonderful home. I took a few hundred pictures and I will send you some . . . I wish we had more time to spend. I hope to return one day! I think you are a very special and amazing woman. I love your energy and beautiful spirit! It shines in every corner of Frog Holler! Namaste! XOXO Judy Grant, Alberta, Canada and part-time Tucson Girl! (Judy is a professional photographer--her photos are amazing--see some at her Facebook page: )

May, 2012 Dear Robyn, What can we say -- but another grand time! Lots of things to do and, of course, Leona loves the animals. We went to Gorges Nat'l Park, but the area is being devloped and eventually it will be a nice area for hikes and to see waterfalls. We covered the entire surrounding area from Cashiers to Asheville and in between, much to see in this area. On Wed. and Thurs. we were able to golf at 2 nice courses, always lovely with the mountains around us. So much to do, so little time! Much fun, always enjoyable! Love, Bruce, Mary and Leona

Thanksgiving Week, 2011: This is a wonderful home. We loved the Koi, they are so much bigger than the ones we have at our house. Nya, Lexie and Duce loved this place (our dogs). They enjoyed smelling all the different kinds of things. Thank you so much for helping us with our last minute reservations! This was a perfect place for us to get-away to. Thank you for the lettuce--we were able to "concoct" some dressing for a nice dinner salad. We also enjoyed the "Uno-Attack". The woodstove was very exciting but we were a bit ambitious on a warm evening and had a very hot night! HA!. It was great! Brett, Rachell, Gary & Leigh and Lexie, Nya & Duce, Greenville, SC

August 1-31, 2011: Robyn, Weeks have come and gone--the Delk Family and siblings have enjoyed their mother's hospitality, as Carol (daughter), Barry (son) have come and gone. Now, Newana (sister) and Jerry (brother-in-law) have arrived for the past 9 days. We have been to the surrounding areas many years, but never to "Frog Holler". Robyn, this has been a memorable and unique experience for all! I'm sitting here on Sunday afternoon and noticed that, so far, no one has written anything in the guestbook! Now surely we won't leave this "work of art" place without sharing how we have been impressed with the amount of "hard work" that you have invested in your "dream" here at Frog Holler. Newana and I have been coming to the Carolinas many years, but have never experienced the "hospitality and down-to-earth" experience that we have enjoyed in this visit. Bebe picked this spot knowing that it was different and expecting something more than a month-long vacation. I think everyone in the Delk Family agrees that "Mama" picked another great spot for the family to spend a month of enjoyment and relaxing! With love and respect for all your hard work! We salute you! Thanks, Robyn. This has been extraordinary! Newana and Bebe, Tampa, FL

June 20-27, 2011: Robyn, Thank you for sharing your Gardener's House and lovely surroundings with us. We truly appreciated all the "little extras"--the flowers in our rooms, the delicious greens and eggs; to say nothing of the blueberries your dear other picked. Best Wishes, J. Moody, Indiana

We loved Frog Holler. I am so glad that we found it on the internet. J. Bowen, Indiana

Frog Holler is great! Thanks for everything. S. Stietz

Thanks, Robyn, for sharing The Gardener's House at Frog Holler. What a wonderful place to recharge my batteries.M. Moody

What a wonderful place to "get away" from the normal day-to-day of life in Indiana. This is a beautiful region full of great places to explore: from quaint shops in Waynesville to the hikes along your country roads. A good time is being had by all.

Robyn, as I said in our card--this has been such a treat enjoying your lovely farm. This has been a vacation I will always remember. Thanks for everything. J. Moody

June 12-19, 2011: This is a beatiful house and the gardens are wonderful! Dad (Luther) enjoyed your talks together about your herbs and your other trees and flowers. Thank you for letting him dig up some elderberry tree sprouts. It was so nice for him to be able to go into the house and your gardens in his wheelchair. We all enjoyed being able for all of us to stay in one place together. We also loved your gardens and the house has everything you need and is decorated beautifully. P. Wiles, L. Goodman, The Bowles, P. Shaw; Rockwell, NC

Memorial Day Week, 2011: Robyn, Thanks for sharing your Heaven on Earth!! with our family. We enjoyed every part--the chickens, rooster crowing, the fresh eggs and lettuce . . . all the beautiful landscaping, relaxing on the front porch and deck in back. The Thompsons, Brooks, GA, T. Mellsy, Durham, NC and The Musselwhites, Marion, GA


Last summer, my husband and I enjoyed our best family vacation ever, spending a week with our two kids, his parents and my mother in what we have since come to think of as paradise.
But we weren't living it up on a Disney cruise, sunning on the beach or thrilling at an amusement park. We were on a farm, waking up to cows grazing in front of our restored log cabin and guinea hens chasing insects in the garden. Our daughters gathered eggs, picked wildflowers and went an entire week without television. We enjoyed the kind of peace and quiet you can find only when you wander off the beaten path.
As it turns out, more and more families — some several generations removed from the agrarian lifestyle — are seeking out farm stays as a way to reconnect with nature and the food supply and enjoy the simpler pleasures of life. In turn, this kind of agritourism supports farmers dedicated to sustainable agriculture and the local food movement, allowing them to raise livestock in humane conditions and grow crops without chemicals. It's a win-win situation.
The best part: North Carolina offers many farm stays with choices of location, lodging type and on-site activities. Here's a sampleof what you can enjoy with your family . . .

Frog Holler Organiks, Waynesville
Haywood County, in the Great Smoky Mountains
Proprietor: Robyn Cammer; 828-356-7652

* Your stay includes: The renovated farmhouse opened as a vacation rental, The Gardener's House, in 2007 and sleeps seven or eight. Rates start at $195 per night. While guests cook their own meals, they enjoy complimentary free-range eggs, produce and fresh-cut flowers. The 1,500-square-foot deck offers secluded mountain and water views. Guests may gather eggs, cuddle with chicks and baby rabbits, help in the gardens, and enjoy nature hikes that start right from their front door.
* Don't miss: In nearby Great Smoky National Park, visitors can observe the elk population at Cataloochee Valley, and frequent arts and crafts fairs in charming downtown Waynesville provide fun outings throughout the year.
* Back in the day: The original property was a rhododendron farm dating back to the 1920s. When Frog Holler expanded from another location in 2005, organic farmer Robyn Cammer replenished the soil with compost and biodynamic soil she makes herself. She now grows flowers and produce without using any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.
* By the numbers: The house sits on three flat acres, two of which are cultivated in flower, herb, fruit and vegetable gardens. Livestock includes 10 breeding rabbits and 40 chickens, including Silver Lace Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Araucana, and Black Star varieties. Koi swim in ponds by the house, and horses and cows graze in nearby pastures.
* Quotable: "I love having people to the farm to enjoy the gardens. That's why I wanted to make a space for families to stay in," Cammer says. "[Children] get excited about what they're doing and may be inspired to do this when they grow up."

April, 2011: We enjoyed the fresh brown and blue eggs along with the greens. We love the house and it's wonderful views. We enjoyed feeding the Koi and chickens and bunnies. Holding them was a treat! We love the great play area and sports. The bonfires were a blast for us and our new firneds up the road. The many interesting sights here really made it eye-catching. We loved the beautiful garden and flowers and trees. A very peaceful and inspiring place. The chickens were very fun along with the bunnies. We enjoyed exploring the property and going to fun adventures. This was an amazingly fun experience. The Inscoe's, Inman, SC

February, 2011: A beautiful and inspiring piece of property. We loved the wine. The eggs and salad were delicious! We look forward to using the Biodynamic Garden Soil in our gardens. The Maple Group, Wilmore, KY and FL

November, 2010: Thanks so much for a relaxing birthday weekend for our family! The Gardener's House is a lovely home in a beautiful setting. Thanks for the fresh lettuce and the wine (very nice touches!) We hope to come again when the flowers are in bloom! Sincerely, The Wodogoze Family, Lexington, SC

October 17, 2010: We really enjoyed Frog Holler! You have really done a great job with everything. My kids loved the fish and the chickens. We also loved the Apple Festival in Waynesville. And the Gardens! Blessings, MaryAnn and Karlton S. & Family

October, 2010 We loved being here enjoying our family time--the rooster, the gardens, the fog in the morning, the animals on the hillside. The Waynesville festival on Saturday, the quiet. It was all wonderful! Thanks so much! The Keltons, Nashville and Winston-Salem

September 25, 2010: We highly enjoyed Frog Holler and noticed many Austrian accents! Loved it all--the children enjoyed the veggies and eggs! Also loved the animals. Such a happy and beautiful little nook. I hope to come back very soon, maybe just a mommy trip. I also loved the wine. I wish I could purchase the sunflower art in the kitchen! Peace & Love, Tricia M. and Family, Duluth, GA

June 20, 2010: Thank you SO much for the wonderful stay at The Gardener's House. The fresh eggs, raspberries and crisp lettuce were quite a treat! The dogs enjoyed hiking at Max Patch and Sycamore Cove (Brevard). The mountains are truly magical in NC. And, The Gardener's House at Frog Holler is a terrific central spot for many adventures -- too bad ours was too short--even at a week! . . . We had an absolutely fabulous time. The house and gardens are wonderful, the local scenery is fantastic and the whole adventure was worth every penny. . . Many thanks for a relaxing trip! Sincerely, Fred and Amanda S. (and Weaver, Matiese and Rembrandt) Chapel Hill, NC

May 21, 2010: We spent a very peaceful weekend here, and so enjoyed the beautiful plants and mountains surrounding us. The chickens just outisde the door are amazing! We loved hearing the chickens, the babbling water from the pond, and all the wonderful wild birds! Loved all the garden's plants -- you can tell that each one is loved and cared for. The house is just perfect -- every windown has a beautiful view of plants or birds or mountains. Very comfortable and very relaxing! The eggs and lettuce greens were delicious, too! Ken and Julie, Columbia, SC

May 3, 2010: Once again a relaxing and even more beautifully landscaped house than the last time. Extremely relaxing and peaceful here and many places to visit -- we can't cover it all and saved something for the next time. Thanks for taking us to Frog Holler I (the previous farm) -- what a lovely place, but you have your work cut out for you over there. The National Forests and waterfalls were awesome, but you need to spend all day and it's worth it! So nice to have met your parents -- lovely people. Leona enjoyed the chickens and they will miss us -- especially the good bread. See you again, Fond Regards, Bruce, Mary and Leona---Kenosha, Wisconsin

April 22, 2010: Visited for the Kirkman family gathering for son's wedding reception in Sylva, Enjoyed the farmhouse and farm sounds, beautiful scenery. Will highly recommend it to everyone we know and hope to be back soon. And our dog, Ash, loved it too! Thank you! S. Kirkman, Winston-Salem, NC

October 31, 2009: We had a very fun visit feeding the fish and chickens and running in the yard and waking up with the sun. Josie and Angela

October 28, 2009: Thanks for the MOST relaxing and reinvigorating stay. I am a "would-be" gardener (just retired and getting started in northern California). I loved your gardens, chickens and everything. Thanks again! P. Volance, Brentwood, CA

October 10, 2009: We really enjoyed our brief stay in your farmhouse. It is a lovely place and very peaceful. You took great pains to see that we were all comfortable. Thank you! The Timmons, Graham, NC

Labor Day, 2009; WEDDING AT FROG HOLLER: Thank you so much for allowing us to have our wedding reception at Frog Holler! Your farm is the ideal location for a simple yet beautiful wedding. We appreciate all your hard work in preparation--it looked great! I will definately suggest your farm to anyone searching for a wedding venue! Best wishes, K. and D. Sutton, Waynesville, NC

August 9, 2009: Just what the doctor ordered -- a beautiful home to really relax and appreciate nature. Breakfast with the lovely sound of the waterfall and watching the Koi, falling asleep with the same wonderful sound and seeing the beautiful pond -- "priceless"! Thank you! C. and S. Prince, Aiken, SC

July, 2009: Thanks for the beautiful and restful place! J. and L. Baura, Monroe, NC

July, 2009: What a marvelous place for a quiet respite! Your property is so lush with the beauty and bounty of the earth and your cottage was so comfortable. We truly enjoyed our stay! B. and L. Petty , Indian Trail, NC

May, 2009: This was the best vacation for us and our Leonberger dogs! It could not have been any better. It was just like a dream come true. This place is magical. The gardens are so beautiful with all the flowers and birds. We enjoyed the fish swimming in the pomd. This vacation was so relaxing. The surrounding area offers so many possibilities to hike and explore. The mountains are spectacular. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience! We will never forget it. We love this area so much. The Stablers, New Bern, NC

Labor Day, 2008: Thank you for creating this wonderful, magical garden. Don, "the-guy-raised-on-a-farm, laughed at my delight in the cows so close by. Your plantings are a bee, butterfly and bird sanctuary, so consequently Frog Holler is so alive with nature. We loved it! Thank you for your warm hospitality, too. We will see you again. The Lloyds, Greenville, SC

September, 2008: What a good time Buddy, (husband), Dexter (dog) and myself had staying in your lovely house and garden! Dexter especially enjoyed the deck. You know, when you go on vacation and are sleeping in "strange" beds, sometimes it can be really rough. Well, take it from someone recovering from total hip surgery--your beds were wonderful! Thank you for that. L. Wiltsie, Selma, AL

July 4, 2008: We had a wonderful time at your beautiful farmhouse! Our girls loved feeding the Koi and chickens--Margo nicknamed them "my girls". We loved the town of Waynesville -- did lots of shopping and sightseeing. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We had a great time at The Biltmore in Asheville -- enjoyed the gardens, winery and great restaurant. Spent some time at Ghost Town -- the gunfight was pretty cool. Our three girls loved the horseback riding at Queen Stables. I was a little concerned when my horse, Dusty, started backwards, kicking the other horses, but I made it up the mountain and back! We built great memories here -- the highlight was adopting Sadie, the coonhound, on the 4th of July at the Waynesville celebration (from HAWA--Haywood Animal Welfare Association). We just couldn?t resist her soulful eyes! Hopefully Sadie will like the 13 hour drive home.
Robyn, thank you so much for the beautiful retreat--we enjoyed all the fresh eggs and veggies and your wonderful hospitality. We could never forget Frog Holler!
Fondly, The Webers (and Sadie), Pompano Beach, FL

July, 2008: Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful piece of heaven with us! We so needed the physical and mental relaxation. We will look forward to a return visit. This place is truly heaven on earth. The Brogans, Pampano Beach, FL

May, 2008: Your place is a treasure, like something out of a storybook! Our city cat enjoyed the fish, cows and chickens. My husband liked feeding the fish and chickens. We explored the surrounding area from Asheville to Hendersonville to Pisgah National Forest to the lovely waterfalls--"a must see". Golf was great and just the right temperature and sun. Dining in Waynesville and Sylva was wonderful. Pizza at Nick & Nate's -- excellent. We had a super time at Frog Holler!
The Bitzans, Kenosha, WI

September, 2007: We have had a wonderful stay here! The trip was planned to celebrate two birthdays in our family. It has been fabulous to have a home base that feels like home. The front porch and deck were popular hangouts. The boys loved the farm animals. Dad "talked" to the chickens while showering. Mom fell in love with the "book nook". We fed the koi and were surprised at how colorful they are! It's been a great adventure. We LOVED the eggs and tomatoes for breakfast. Our dog, Tiffany, really enjoyed chasing frogs down at the pond!
guest name: The LaVere Family
guest city-state/province: Fuquay Varina, NC

July, 2007: I enjoyed my stay at your cottage very much. North Carolina is fantastic and Haywood County especially. I liked to feed the fishes and loved the chickens and all the goodies you brought us!
guest name: Flo Singer Johnson
guest city/state/country: Sarasota, FL,

July, 2007: Thanks to you for a super farm holiday!
guest name: The Khurana Family
guest city-state/province: India

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The Gardener's House At Frog Holler
10 Gardening Frog Trail
Waynesville, NC 28785
ADDRESS FOR GPS: 234 Tommy Boyd Road
Reservations: (828) 356-7652 or (828) 400-0419 (cell)


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